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Jang tae mountain[edit]

local situation[edit]

Jangtae mt Natural Recreation Forest is the only Metasecua forest in Korea and is located in Jangan-dong, western Daejeon.

current situation[edit]

The Park Management Service in Daejeon will prepare the Metasequoia Forest in the Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest by December to ensure the safety of visitors and build beautiful forests. The repair is designed to prevent accidents by planting trees, big and narrow spacing, causing trees to fall to one side, or dropping branches of trees to the other. It plans to get rid of some of the cracks and twigs. The targets are 98 Metasequoia trees that meet major trails, mountain baths, and some 98 Metasequoia trees of adventure forest members. Based on the characteristics of the forest, the company will carry out the project by reflecting opinions from experts in each field on forest status and stable management measures.[1]

Coordinates: 37°04′N 127°54′E / 37.067°N 127.900°E / 37.067; 127.900