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Jānis Arnolds Roze, born in Latvia in 1926, is a herpetologist and Professor of Biology Emeritus of City College and Graduate School of the City University of New York.[1] He was professionally associated with the American Museum of Natural History and the United Nations.[1] A founder of the International Center for Integrative Studies,[1] he published several books and narrated several videos on Creative Evolution. He co-edited What Does it Mean to Be Human.

A short résumé from the "Be Human" film site of The Ecological Institute of Búzios, Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil:[2]

  • Fulbright Senior Scholar.
  • Co-Director of UASD International Exchange Program of University of New York.
  • Advisor at United Nations Center of Science and Technology.
  • Member of the expert group of UN for the establishment of a new international order.
  • Member of the ICIS (International Center of Integrative Studies), and Elpis Foundation, Argentina.

Published works[edit]


  • Coral snakes of the Americas: biology, identification, and venoms. Malabar, Florida: Krieger. (1996).[3]

Other publications[edit]

  • On Hallowell's type specimens of reptiles from Venezuela in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. (1958).
  • Taxonomic notes on a collection of Venezuelan reptiles in the American Museum of Natural History. (1959).
  • La taxonomía y zoogeografía de los ofidios en Venezuela. (1966).
  • A check list of the New World venomous coral snakes (Elapidae), with descriptions of new forms. (1967).
  • Ciencia y fantasía sobre las serpentes de Venezuela. (1970).
  • New species and subspecies of coral snakes, genus Micrurus (Elapidae): with notes on type specimens of several species. American Museum of Natural History Novitates. (1989).[4]
  • Evolución y magia: el camino del hombre. (2000).



A species of worm lizard, Amphisbaena rozei, is named in his honor.[1]


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