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The Janson + Tsai Design Group is an American architecture and acoustic design firm that specializes in studio and entertainment design.


Founded by Dennis Janson in 1997, the firm is a medium sized specialty firm. Mr. Janson has practiced in this specialty field since 1979. The firm's partners include Francisco Tsai (Studio Design) and Bonnie Janson (Marketing and Promotion).

The firm specializes in the design of television studios/facilities, film and sound stages, music recording studios, post production suites, screening rooms, production facilities, mixing rooms and specialty interactive and media design. They are also acoustical consultants to outside and other design firms and end users.

The firm is located in Connecticut and works both in the United States and abroad. Work abroad has included locations in the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and far East.

It designed an expansion of Kaufman Astoria Studios, a movie studio in Queens, New York.[1][not in citation given]


  • 2002 - Mix Magazine TEC Award - Right Track Studio A509, New York City.[2]
  • 2004 - AIA Connecticut Design Award - Wesleyan University Center for Film Studies (Janson were the cinema consultants).[3]


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