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Janzouri or Janzuri or Zanzuri or Zanzouri or Ganzouri or Ganzuri is a family name derived from the name (Arabic: جَنْزُور‎‎ Janzūr) (and zanzur (Arabic: زَنْزُور‎‎ zanzūr) is same of janzur but in Libyan dialect the ǧīm change to zayn, and ganzur is same of Janzur but the ǧīm is Voiced velar stop), these families reside in Libya, Egypt, Israel and Italy, the families that reside in Israel and Italy Jews origin from the city of Janzour, Libya, moved from Libya to Israel at 1949[1][2] and the rest moved to Italy at 1969.

People with surname[edit]

Kamal Ganzouri, He served as Prime Minister of Egypt from January 2, 1996 until October 5, 1999, and served the position again from November 25, 2011 until August 2, 2012.