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The Japan Professional Photographers Society (日本写真家協会, Nihon Shashinka Kyōkai) is a Tokyo-based organization of photographers founded in 1950. Its logo reads “JPS”. It was formed from the combination of three earlier organizations, none more than two years old: Seinen Hōdō Shashin Kenkyūkai (青年報道写真研究会), Seinen Shashinka Kyōkai (青年写真家協会, Young Photographers' Association), and Shashinka Shūdan (写真家集団, Photographers' Group),

The organization exists to maintain professional standards and to protect the interests of professional photographers. It also sponsors exhibitions of interest to the general public, and, since 2005, the Younosuke Natori Photography Award for photographers under 30. Its current President (2007) is Takeyoshi Tanuma.

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