Japan Yin Thwe

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Japan Yin Thwe (Burmese: ဂျပန့် ရင်သွေး, pronounced [dʑəpa̰ɴ jɪ̀ɴðwé]) is a 1935 Burmese film directed by Nyi Pu. Its Japanese name is Nippon Musume. A1 film company produced this film with PCL Film Company in Japan, Tokyo. It opened on 25 November 1935 at the Bayin Cinema and the Olympia Cinema. In 1992 it was screened at the South East Asia Film festival held in Tokyo.


  • Nyi Pu
  • Maung Maung Soe
  • San Nyunt
  • Mitsuko Takao (as Aye Mi San)