Japanese Garden, Chandigarh

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The Japanese Garden, Chandigarh
The Japanese Garden, Chandigarh

The Japanese Garden is a park located in Sector 31 in union territory of Chandigarh. Built in 2014 on 13 acres of Land, by Indian Government, it was inaugurated by Shivraj Patil on 7 November 2014.[1] It consists of water bodies, pagoda towers, water falls, meditation centre, a buddha idol and golden bamboos.[2] This is first ever garden in Chandigarh with Japanese touch. The garden has been developed at a cost of Rs 6 crore.

The Japanese Garden consists of two phases. The Phase-1 was inaugurated on 7 November 2014 and the Phase-2 of the park was opened to public on 4 June 2016. Both the phases of the park are connected by an underground tunnel decorated by beautiful Japanese paintings on both sides. The garden is designed using Japanese architecture and each of the elements in the garden is given a unique Japanese touch.

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