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Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporting Association or JUMVEA is an organization that began on September 14, 1995. On June 1, 1997, with the approval of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, it was incorporated.

The purpose of the trade association is, with the cooperation of its members, to exchange information, establish order of fair trade in the used motor vehicle industry, and endeavor forward the sound development of the used motor export business while also conducting joint-business activities required by members, promoting economic activities for members, and improving their social and economic standing.

The drastically eased regulations regarding the export and the simplification of business made possible for anyone to join the export business. As a result, there appeared more competition and a rapid increase in illegal exports, including the export of stolen vehicles and illegally rebuilt or remodeled vehicles. To prevent such illegal conduct and unfair export was necessary for the used motor vehicle export industry. Because of bad, even illegal, practices occurring, JUMVEA was established as an organization to bring a standard and nurture importers trust. Exporters who are a part of the association must meet that standard.

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