Jaquintus, Prince of Bari

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Jaquintus was the prince (excellentissimus princeps) of Bari from the death of Tancred, the son of Roger II of Sicily, in 1138 to his own death the next year.

Royal Wrath[edit]

For reasons unknown, Jaquintus rebelled against the king and brought down the royal wrath upon his oft-forgiven city. Roger besieged the city for two months before famine forced the citizens to surrender. Jaquintus signed a surrender in which there was no pillage and prisoners were exchanged. However, a man of Roger was freed from prison and claimed to have had one eye put out. Roger summoned jurists from Troia and Trani to pronounced the treaty null. Once done, Jaquintus and ten of his leading men, perhaps more, were hanged. Thus ended the principality of Bari and the city's rebelliousness seemed quashed.


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