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Jared Carter
At The Cloisters in 2015
Born (1939-01-10) January 10, 1939 (age 77)
Elwood, Indiana
Occupation Poet, editor
Nationality American

Jared Carter is an American poet and editor.


Carter is a native Midwesterner. He studied at Yale and at Goddard College. After military service and travel abroad, he made his home in Indianapolis, where he has lived since 1969.

He worked for many years as an editor and interior designer of textbooks and scholarly works, first with the Bobbs-Merrill Company and later in association with Hackett Publishing Company.


Carter writes in free verse and in traditional forms. Much of his early work is set in "Mississinewa County," an imaginary place that includes the actual Mississinewa River, a tributary of the Wabash River. In recent years, as Carter has published increasingly on the web, his poetry has ranged farther afield.

His first collection, Work, for the Night Is Coming, won the Walt Whitman Award. His second, After the Rain, received the Poets' Prize. His poems have appeared in literary journals in the U.S. and abroad and in the anthologies Twentieth-Century American Poetry,[1] Contemporary American Poetry, [2] and Writing Poems. [3] He has received two literary fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts,[4] a Guggenheim Fellowship,[5] and the Indiana Governor’s Arts Award.[6]

An independent writer with no institutional backing or affiliation, he has participated in week-long workshops conducted by Philip Levine and by Howard Nemerov, and has on occasion sat and talked with poets as diverse as Robert Penn Warren, Robert Francis, William Stafford, James L. White, Felix Stefanile, Robert Creeley, Etheridge Knight, Jack Gilbert, and Larry Levis.


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