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Jason M. Schmitt (born December 7, 1976) is a journalist, documentary producer, and professor who resides in Potsdam, NY. He is a regular contributor to Forbes and The Huffington Post in the fields of Higher Education and New Technology. Schmitt has interviewed an extensive list of celebrities, politicians, and business leaders such as: Slash, Kid Rock, Roger Daltrey, Wayne Kramer, Dan Gilbert, Alfred Taubman, Geoffrey Fieger, Ted Nugent, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, John Sinclair, and Henry Rollins.

Schmitt researches how online education is changing global education, open access, and new technology trends. His research has been presented at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The American University of Paris, and the University of St. Andrews.

Schmitt was interviewer and field producer for the documentary Louder Than Love by producer Tony D'Annunzio which is focused on The Grande Ballroom, in Detroit, Michigan. The documentary won an Emmy Award in June 2016.

Schmitt created a Michigan college student orientated website: MiGovernor.com which was focused on the 2010 Gubernatorial elections in Michigan. The site had over 30 feature articles submitted by prominent Detroit professionals and had over 3000 unique college users access the site.

Schmitt created Venison for Vitality a nonprofit organization which focuses on re-utilizing venison that is killed in traffic accidents. Working with the South Eastern Michigan Police Chiefs Association the non profit receives calls from local police stations, dispatches a driver to the carcass, video tapes and assess the damage of the carcass, and upon a clear initial documentation, the driver transports the venison to an approved butcher. The venison is then donated to local Detroit food pantries to help feed the less fortunate.

Schmitt teaches regularly on social media and online journalism.

Schmitt presented at Future Midwest 2011 and was regularly covers trends and changes in the music industry at conferences such as Rethink Music Conference by the Berklee Music School and Harvard Business School.

Schmitt was born in Dearborn, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn (BA), Eastern Michigan University (MA) and Bowling Green State University (PH.D).

Schmitt has been employed at Atlantic Records, Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Records, and he operated an independent recording studio.

Schmitt is an Associate Professor at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

Schmitt was an Associate Professor and is the Director of Communication Studies and Co-Director of Documentary Studies at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont from 2012-2016.


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