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Jasper van 't Hof (born 30 June 1947) is a Dutch jazz pianist and keyboard player.

Van 't Hof was born in Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands, and began studying piano at the age of five. He played in jazz bands at school, and by the age of 19 was playing at jazz festivals with drummer Pierre Courbois. In 1969, he became a member of Courbois' early European jazz rock band Association P.C. with German guitarist Toto Blanke. As part of Piano Conclave he played with pianists George Gruntz, Joachim Kühn, Wolfgang Dauner, and Keith Jarrett.

In 1974, he founded Pork Pie and teamed up with Philip Catherine (guitar), Charlie Mariano (saxophone), Aldo Romano (drums), and Jean-François Jenny Clark (bass guitar). He joined the band Eyeball with saxophonist Bob Malach and violinist Zbigniew Seifert. He had two bands: Face to Face with Danish bassist Bo Stief and saxophonist Ernie Watts and Pili Pili featuring African singer Angelique Kidjo. He played keyboards with Archie Shepp, although he is best known for his solo piano playing.

At All About Jazz John Kelman said, "Transitory 's high point is the two-part title track. Orchestral in scope despite limited instrumentation, Van't Hof's strength as a textural player, comfortably blending impressionistic writing with freer concerns, is in full force."[1]


  • 1974 Transitory
  • 1974 Eye Ball (Keytone)
  • 1977 The Selfkicker (MPS)
  • 1978 Flowers Allover (MPS)
  • 1978 However (MPS)
  • 1979 Fairytale with George Gruntz (MPS)
  • 1979 Sleep My Love with Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano (CMP)
  • 1980 Aqua Sansa with Markus Stockhausen (Fran)
  • 1980 Live in Montreaux (Pausa)
  • 1981 My World of Music (Keytone)
  • 1982 Mama Rose with Archie Shepp (SteepleChase)
  • 1982 Visitors (Pop Eye)
  • 1983 Balloons with Joachim Kühn (MPS)
  • 1984 Pili Pili (Keytone)
  • 1984 Tea for Four with Charlie Mariano, Edward Vesala, Arild Andersen (Leo)
  • 1987 The Fifth of May with Archie Shepp (L+R)
  • 1987 Camporondo with Uli Beckerhoff, John Marshall (Nabel)
  • 1989 Solo Piano (Timeless)
  • 1990 Jazzbühne Berlin '80 (Repertoire)
  • 1990 Dinner for Two with Bob Malach (MA)
  • 1992 Blau (ACT)
  • 1992 Innuendo with Charlie Mariano (Lipstick)
  • 1992 Get Down (Hill Street Jazz)
  • 1992 Duo: The Prague Concert with Bob Malach (P&J)
  • 1994 At the Concertgebouw (Challenge)
  • 1995 Face to Face (Intuition)
  • 1996 Blue Corner (ACT)
  • 1996 Tomorrowland (Challenge)
  • 1996 Freezing Screens (Enja)
  • 1998 Un Mondo Illusorio (Challenge)
  • 1999 Birds of a Feather (Traumton)
  • 2000 Incwadi Yothando (Love Letter) (Jaro Medien)
  • 2001 Un Incontro Illusorio with Joey Baron (Challenge)
  • 2001 Brutto Tempo with Charlie Mariano (Intuition)
  • 2003 Axioma (Jaro Medien)
  • 2006 The Yellow House (Connecting Cultures)
  • 2008 Pseudopodia with Bob Malach (In+Out)
  • 2008 Pangramm with Fredy Studer (FMR)
  • 2011 Ukuba Noma Unkungabi (Jaro Medien)
  • 2012 Whybecause (Hôte Marge)
  • 2012 Œuvre (Q-rious)
  • 2015 On the Move (Intuition)
  • 2015 Hamburg Episode: Live at Fabrik with Heinz Sauer (Art of Groove)
  • 2016 Europäischer Jazz 2016 with Heinz Sauer (Infraserv Höchst)
  • 2016 No Hard Shoulder (Very Open)


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