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Yav (Jav), Prav and Nav (Navi) are three worlds used in the literary forgery Book of Veles. References to them became popular among Ukrainians and Russian neopagans, who claim that all three combine into Triglav that governs the Universe.[need quotation to verify]

Yav is the material world in which we are right now. Gods, however, are equally part of Yav. Yav is contained within Nav.

Nav (Navi) is the immaterial world, the world of the dead. Stars, which are the souls of the dead, as well as Svarga and Irij, are parts of Nav.

The folk etymology relates Yav with Polish jawa, meaning the reality (not a dream, e.g. jawa lub sen - reality or a dream), with [jav]lenie or yavlenie meaning "manifest", "real".

Prav with Slavic [prav]lenie or [prav]o, which means "law", "rule", one's right to something, and the right side and is cognate with Latin probus.

Nav: with naive etymology of the Russian наверно [nav]ernoe "probably", where in fact it is na + vernoe (faith).

Some Old Slavic theories present three states of human mind : 1 - Jawa - materialistic approach to the world (Jawa in Serbian means : all that is around us, right now, in a materialistic view ) 2 - Prav - divine way to approach the world (Prav means in Serbian  : righteous, juste) 3 - Nava (la) - the demonic / attacking /evil way to approach the world (Nav as root from Navala = attack )

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