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JJawara is the English transcription of a surname of Manding origin (the French transcription is Diawara). Notable people with the name include:

  • Augusta Jawara (1924-1981), a Gambian nurse, playwright and activist for women's rights
  • Bomba Jawara, a Sierra Leonean politician
  • Dawda Jawara (born 1924), former prime minister and president of Gambia
  • Jali Musa Jawara (aka Djeli Moussa Diawara; born 1962), a Guinean musician
  • Fatim Jawara, former Gambia goalkeeper who died when being smuggled across Mediterranean Sea.
  • Alieu M. Jawara Liberian born 1981 a politicians , born in Gbarnga County center Liberia he is 4th of 5 children with the union Mr. Mohammed L. Jawara and Mrs. Mabanasee F. Kromah .

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