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OriginNew York, United States
GenresAcid jazz, jazz rap, neo soul, downtempo
Years active1994 to present
LabelsBeave, Mesa/Bluemoon, Atlantic
WebsiteOfficial Site
MembersMarlon Saunders, Warren Rosenstein, John Pondel, David Inniss, Mark Robohm, Peter Mark, David Binney, Daniel Sadownick, David Sancious, Michal Cohen
Past membersAhmed Best, Carl Carter, Chris Eminizer, David Whitworth, Gary Pozner, Jack Ruby Jr., Julio Acosta, Kaïssa, KCB, Kevin DiSimone, Lucia Iman, Mazz Mlani, Michelle Lewis, Naren Budhakar, Ronnie Russ, Rosa Russ, Scott Colley, Tajiri Saedi, Vincent Chancey

Jazzhole is a New York-based band, widely regarded as one of the key members of the acid jazz movement.[1]

Their debut album, The Jazzhole, was released in 1994, followed by five others. Their latest, Poet’s Walk, was released in 2006.

Throughout the band's history, a nucleus of three members—Marlon Saunders, Warren Rosenstein and John Pondel—has remained unchanged. Other members include Ahmed Best, Rosa Russ, Ronnie Russ, Michelle Lewis, Kevin DiSimone, Jack Ruby Jr., KCB, Dave Inniss, Peter Mark, Mark Robohm, Kaïssa, as well as guest players such as Daniel Sadownick, Scott Colley, David Binney and David Sancious.



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