Jean-Louis Françoise-Collinet

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Jean-Louis Françoise-Collinet was a French chef credited with several well-known culinary innovations in the 1830's including Béarnaise sauce and Pommes soufflées.[1]

Béarnaise sauce[edit]

Collinet was the head chef at the Henri IV hotel outside of Paris, where he was widely credited as the creator of Béarnaise sauce shortly following the Second French Revolution.[1] Collinet reportedly developed the recipe in 1836 for the opening of his new restaurant Le Pavilion Henri IV.[1][2][3] Using the traditional recipe for Hollandaise sauce, he replaced lemon juice with white wine vinegar, and added shallots, chervil, and tarragon.[4] Collinet named the sauce in honor of Béarn, the region of France from which his restaurant's namesake Henry IV originated.[3]

Pommes soufflées[edit]

Collinet is also purported to have inadvertently created pommes soufflées on August 24, 1837, a deep-fat fried potato dish, which was a predecessor to French fries.[4][5] Though the origin of the story is circumstantial.[1] It is suggested that Collinet was preparing a meal for Queen Marie-Amélie, whose train was delayed causing his fried sliced potatoes to become cold.[5] The chef is said to have returned the potatoes to the hot oil to reheat them, at which point they became puffed and crispy.[1]

The Pavilion Henri IV continues to operate as a restaurant in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France.


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