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Jean Carlin, born Harriet Jean Sollenberger (September 2, 1921 – October 23, 1998) was an American film actress from Long Beach, California.[1]



As a child she grew up devoting her time to the arts. She loved performing arts, including dancing, theater, and acting. After moving to Los Angeles, she quickly signed with a Hollywood agent. By the age of 23, and under the stage name "Carlin", she had appeared in her first major motion picture, Are These Our Parents?. For the next two years, she made over 11 major motion pictures, and was named "The Wild West Woman", often co starring with fellow castmate Eddie Dean in westerns such as Six Gun Man and Caravan Trail. In 1946, after meeting her agent's brother, young Scandinavian ship Captain James Pearson, she moved from Hollywood, retired from acting, and settled down with Pearson. They went on to have three children. Eric, Nancy, and Ulrika. She was of Belgian and Swedish heritage. Her family was from the hamlet of Sollenberg near Huizingen in Flemish Brabant. Jean Carlin died in October, 1998.[2]



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