Jean Dominique Adam

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Jean Dominique Adam (29 December 1795 - 6 Oct 1842) was an illustrious French Archetier / Bowmaker.

Early life and education[edit]

Jean Dominique was born in Mirecourt, the son of Jean Adam (b.1767; d. 1849) who started three generations of bowmakers.[citation needed]

Jean learnt from his father, whose ability he surpassed, and then drew inspiration from Etienne Pajeot and Tourte.[citation needed]


The family were a big influence on younger bowmakers, and Jean Dominique's work was affected by those returning from Paris.[citation needed]

"Both Jean Dominique and his son "Grand" Adam seemed to favour François Tourte's design (octagonal sticks) and thus produced a great many octagonal bows."[citation needed]


Jean Dominique's son Jean “Grand Adam” bettered his father’s skills but moved to Paris, while Jean remained in Mirecourt until his death.[1]


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