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Jean Fouchard (2 March 1912 - 30 September 1990) was a Haitian historian, journalist, and diplomat. Fouchard was born in Port-au-Prince and earned a law degree there. He worked as a journalist, founding the periodical La Relèvé, and as a diplomat, serving as the ambassador to Cuba. He is best known for his historical publications.

Selected works[edit]

  • Les Marrons du Syllabaire (1953)
  • Plaisirs de Saint-Domingue (1955)
  • Le Théâtre à Saint-Domingue (1955)
  • Artistes et Répertoires des Scènes de Saint-Domingue (1955)
  • Les Marrons de la Liberté (1972). English translation: The Haitian Maroons: Liberty or Death (1981), with a preface by C. L. R. James
  • Langue et Littérature des Aborigènes d'Ayiti (1972)


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