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Dr. Jean Lorrah
Born 1938
Nationality American
Alma mater Florida State University
Known for Being a science fiction and fantasy author

Jean Lorrah (born 1938) is a science fiction and fantasy author. She has produced several Star Trek novels and often collaborated with Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Her most recent work with Lichtenberg is on the Sime~Gen Universe. Her fantasy series The Savage Empire, from the 1980s, is mostly solo work.

She is also a professor of English at Murray State University and received her PhD from Florida State University.


"Savage Empire" series[edit]

  • Savage Empire (1981)
  • Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire (1982)
  • Captives of the Savage Empire (1984)
  • Flight to the Savage Empire (1986) (with Winston Howlett)
  • Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles (1986)
  • Wulfston's Odyssey (1986) (with Winston Howlett)
  • Empress Unborn (1988)
  • Dark Moon Rising (omnibus) (2004) - reprinted collection of the first three novels
  • Prophecies (omnibus) (2004) - reprinted collection of the fourth and fifth novels

"Nessie" series (with Lois Wickstrom)[edit]

  • Nessie and The Living Stone (2001)
  • Nessie and the Viking Gold (2003)

"Sime~Gen" series[edit]

Non-series novels[edit]

  • Pandora No 6 (1980)
  • Blood Will Tell (2001)

Star Trek series contributions[edit]

Star Trek[edit]

  • Full Moon Rising (1976)
  • The Night of the Twin Moons (1976)
  • Epilogue: Part I (1977)
  • Epilogue: Part II (1978)

Star Trek : The Original Series[edit]

Star Trek : The Next Generation[edit]

  • Survivors (1988)
  • Metamorphosis (1990)


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