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The Mérieux family is an entrepreneurial dynasty from Lyon, France, owners of the Institut Mérieux holding, founders of companies such as Sanofi Pasteur, bioMérieux (in vitro diagnostics) and Mérial (veterinary activity), but also of the foundations Fondation Marcel-Mérieux and Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux, of the Jean Mérieux P4 laboratory and of humanitarian organisation Bioforce.


  • Marcel Mérieux (1870–1937), ESCIL student in 1891, former assistant to Pasteur, founder in 1897 of Mérieux Biological Institute in Lyon (origins of the Institut Mérieux holding) in 1897 (now part of Sanofi Pasteur)
    • Jean Mérieux, his elder son. Physician, died at 26 of tuberculosis-related meningitis contracted in the family laboratory.
    • Charles Mérieux (1907–2001), physician and entrepreneur. Founder of Fondation Marcel-Mérieux, humanitarian organisation Bioforce and P4 laboratory Jean Merieux.
      • Alain Mérieux (1938-), doctor of pharmacy and entrepreneur, founder of bioMérieux.
        • Christophe Mérieux (1967-14 July 2006), physician. Kidnapping victim at 9 (freed in exchange for a ransom of 20 million francs). Died of heart failure aged 39.
        • Rodolphe Mérieux (1969–1996), crash victim onboard TWA Flight 800.[1]
        • Alexandre Mérieux (1974-), administrator of the bioMérieux group.
          • Niall Gillaume Mérieux (Duvall) (1991-), United States-France liaison of bioMérieux. The only male heir living out of France.
      • Jean Mérieux, died in a car accident in 1994.