Jean Schneitzhoeffer

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Jean Madeleine Marie Schneitzhöeffer (13 October 1785, Toulouse – 14 October 1852, Paris) was a French composer.


A student of Charles Simon Catel at the Conservatoire de Paris, he won second prize for piano in 1803 and then joined the Opéra as a timpanist in 1815, where (7 years later) he was made chef de chant. Made a professor of choral singing at the Conservatoire, he was granted the Légion d'honneur in 1840.


He composed several ballet scores for the Opéra de Paris, including :

  • Mars et Vénus
  • Le Sicilien
  • Proserpine (1818)
  • Le Séducteur au village (1818)
  • Zémire et Azor (1824)
  • Les Filets de Vulcain (1826)
  • La Sylphide, for Marie Taglioni (1832)
  • La Tempête (1834)