Jeanne des Roches

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Jeanne des Roches
suo jure Dame de Sablé, de La Suze, de Briollay, de Mayet, de Loupeland, de Chateauneuf-sur-Sarte, de Genneteil, de Precigné, de Agon
Dame de Craon
Bornc. 1195
Died28 September 1238
Noble familydes Roches
Spouse(s)Amaury I, Sire de Craon
IssueMaurice IV de Craon, Sire de Craon
Jeanne de Craon
Isabelle de Craon
FatherGuillaume des Roches, Seneschal of Anjou
MotherMarguerite de Sablé, Dame de Sablé

Jeanne des Roches, Dame de Sablé (c. 1195 – 28 September 1238) was a French noble heiress, ruler of de baronies of La Suze, de Briollay, de Mayet, de Loupeland, de Chateauneuf-sur-Sarte, de Genneteil, de Precigné, de Agon, and de Craon; and the suo jure seneschal of Anjou, from 1222. The seneschalship passed to her husband, Amaury I, Sire de Craon, as well as the vast Sablè barony.


Jeanne was born in about 1195, the eldest daughter of Guillaume des Roches, Seneschal of Anjou and one of the greatest barons in Anjou and Maine. Her mother was Marguerite de Sablé, Dame de Sablé who had brought the rich Sablé barony to her husband. Jeanne had a brother Robert, who died in 1204, and a younger sister Clémence, Viscountess de Chateaudun (died after September 1259). Her paternal grandparents were Baudoin des Roches and Alix de Châtellerault, and her maternal grandparents were Robert de Sablé and Clémence de Mayenne, daughter of Geoffroy, Sire de Mayenne and Isabelle de Meulan.

Jeanne's father was a knight who had fought in the Third Crusade in the service of the Angevin kings of England and King Philip II of France.


Upon her father's death on 15 July 1222 Jeanne, being the eldest surviving child, succeeded to the seneschalship of Anjou, as well as his vast lordships which included Sablé, La Suze, Briollay, Mayet, Loupeland, Chateauneuf-sur-Sarte, Genneteil, Precigné, and the Norman manor of Agon. Jeanne did homage to King Louis IX of France for Senescaltia Andegavie, Cenomannie et Turonie.. bone memorie Guillmus de Ruppiebus, genitor noster...tenuit in a charter dated 27 January 1226.

By March 1219 Jeanne was married to Amaury I, Sire de Craon.[1] He was the son of Maurice II, Sire de Craon and Isabelle de Meulan. Jeanne's mother-in-law, Isabelle de Meulan was also her maternal great-grandmother, as Isabelle had married twice; Geoffroy de Mayenne was her first husband, and Maurice de Craon her second. The seneschalship and barony passed to her husband upon their marriage.

Jeanne died on 28 September 1238. Her husband had died in 1226.


Together Amaury and Jeanne had three children:


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