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Jeff Newman (January 7, 1942 – April 7, 2004) was an American country musician who played the pedal steel guitar. He was a veteran Nashville session player. A devoted teacher and player, Newman also wrote a column for the short-lived specialty magazine Steel Guitarist, appearing on the cover of the September 1979 issue. Newman was inducted into the Pedal Steel Hall of Fame in 1999.

Also an enthusiastic pilot, Newman died on April 7, 2004 while trying to land an ultralight aircraft on a private runway near Watertown, Tennessee.


  • Music to Get C6th By; pedal steel instructional record, Jeffran Music, 1969
  • Steelin Feelin; pedal steel instructional record and book, Jeffran Music, 1970?
  • Slidin' Smoke (with dobro player Mike Auldridge), Rounder Records, 1978 [1]
  • Music To Steel By; pedal steel instructional record and book, Jeffran Music, 1980
  • Trabalhando e relaxando; on a work in a porn movie,[1] 2008


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