Jeffrey Locker

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Jeffrey Locker
Nationality American
Occupation Author and Motivational Speaker
Known for co-authoring a 1998 self-help book and giving presentations on handling workplace stress.

Jeffrey Locker was an American self-help author and motivational speaker.

In 2009, Locker hired Kenneth Minor to kill him so his family would collect $18 million in insurance benefits.[1]

Minor claimed that Locker, a married father of three from Long Island, hired him to "do a Kevorkian", help him to commit suicide. Mr. Locker was found dead in his car, in East Harlem, bound and stabbed.

Longtime Allegheny County Medical Examiner Dr. Cyril Wecht testified as a defense expert on behalf of Minor.[2]

Minor was sentenced to 20 years to life for the murder of Locker.[3] Minor is appealing his conviction.[4] In October 2014, his sentence was reduced to 12 years.[5]

Eventually Federal Judge William Kuntz ruled that the $4 million policy issued by Principal Life Insurance should be voided because Locker had substantially misstated his annual income as $800,000 when, in truth, his gross income at the time was no more than $225,000 and he was deeply in debt.[6]


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