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Jeffrey Overstreet
Born Portland, Oregon, United States
Occupation Novelist, Movie Critic, Editor
Genre Science fiction, Fantasy,

Jeffrey Overstreet is a novelist and film reviewer who currently resides in Shoreline, Washington.


Jeffrey Overstreet currently works as an editor at Seattle Pacific University. He also frequently reviews movies and his reviews are published in publications such as Paste, Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion, Christianity Today, Risen, and Seattle Pacific University's Response magazine.[1] His work has also been highlighted in TIME Magazine.[2] In 2007, Overstreet received the Spiritus Award[3] at the City of the Angels Film Festival in recognition of his writing on cinema.


Through A Screen Darkly[edit]

Through A Screen Darkly was published by Regal Books in February 2007, and earned a "Starred Review" from Publisher's Weekly.[4] In the book, Overstreet shows how films from many different worldviews can offer pieces of a larger truth.[5]

Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky has said of the book that it is "Inspirational.... Sometimes all of us forget that love for movies, that internal spark inside us that movies lit, and your book is going to remind many of us about it."[6]

The book is used as a textbook at Seattle Pacific University, Fuller Seminary, Bryan College, and other schools.

Auralia's Colors[edit]

Overstreet's first work of fiction, Auralia's Colors, was published in late 2007 by WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House. The story follows a young, artistic girl named Auralia who is drawn into a kingdom where colors, creativity, and imagination have been banned. Overstreet has said that Auralia's Colors is about characters who are "struggling with questions about freedom, responsibility, power, faith, and art.".[7] He has said that it reminds him of what takes place when families, communities, schools, churches and societies fail to appreciate the artists in their midst.[8] Auralia's Colors was nominated for two Christy Awards in 2008.[9]

Cyndere's Midnight[edit]

Released in September 2008, Cyndere's Midnight is the second novel in The Auralia Thread.[10] The story continues the tale of Auralia and introduces new characters into the fantasy series.

Raven's Ladder[edit]

Raven's Ladder, the third strand in the Auralia Thread, was released by Waterbrook Press in 2010.

The Ale Boy's Feast[edit]

This fourth and final strand in the Auralia Thread was released by Waterbrook Press in March 2011.


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