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The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.
Industry Technology
Founded 2001; 16 years ago (2001)
Founder Harry Gottlieb
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Key people
Amanda Lannert (CEO)
Number of employees
277 (2016)

The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. (commonly referred to as Jellyvision) is a Chicago-based interactive software company founded by Jackbox Games (formerly Jellyvision Games, Inc.) founder Harry Gottlieb.


Jellyvision and its sister company Jackbox Games are entirely separate corporations which have the same founder and a deeply intertwined history.

Jellyvision and Jackbox Games founder Harry Gottlieb founded his first company, Learn Television, in 1989. Learn Television began as an educational media company, but changed its name to Jellyvision, Inc. in 1995,[1] when it switched its focus from education to entertainment.

The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. was separately incorporated on May 3, 2001, as a way of utilizing Gottlieb’s approach to human machine interface (interactive conversation[2]) outside of games.



  • Chicago Tribune's Top Workplaces in Chicago[3]
  • eHealthcare Platinum Award - Best Interactive (ALEX Making the Most of Your Plan)[4]
  • ITA (Illinois Technology Association) - Lighthouse Award[5]
  • Moxie Awards[6][7] - Best Software Company, Best Company Culture, CEO of the Year (Amanda Lannert)
  • STAR (Society of Talent Acquisition & Recruitment) Chicago - 2015 Talent Acquisition Specialist of the Year[8] (Mary Beth Wynn)


  • Chicago Tribune's Top Workplaces in Chicago[3]


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