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Gravestone of Jemima Nicholas outside St Mary's Church, Fishguard

Jemima Nicholas (also spelt Niclas; c. 1750 – July 1832), also known as Jemima Fawr, was a Welsh heroine during the 1797 Battle of Fishguard (commonly known as the last invasion of Britain). Armed with only a pitchfork, she single-handedly rounded up 12 French soldiers when they were drunk; they surrendered shortly afterwards at the Royal Oak.

She died at the age of 82, and a plaque in Fishguard is dedicated to her.

In 2006 at the records office in Haverfordwest records were found by a local college lecturer, Andrew Thomas of Thornton, Milford Haven, which show a Jemima Nicholas being baptised in the parish of Mathry on 2 March 1755.[1]


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