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Jenny Hale (born 1959) is an Australian illustrator and author who has published 20 children's picture books, including the Double Delight flap books with hundreds of thousands of copies in print. Her illustration styles range from naïve and cute (for toddlers) to detailed watercolour realism. Jenny often hides characters and little jokes in her pictures for children to find.[1]


Jenny is the fifth of seven children, all of whom showed drawing talent.[citation needed] From the age of 8, her drawings were published in the Sun-Herald children’s lift-out pages, and she won prizes in competitions as diverse as the Coca-Cola summer beach sand modelling competition, billboard painting, and a Dulux egg painting competition at Easter 1973.[citation needed] After completing Graphic Design at Randwick TAFE, she worked as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and copywriter.[citation needed]


Jenny works in pastel, watercolour, coloured pencil, and in Photoshop, concentrating on figure illustration. Her illustrations are often brightly colored.[2]

A voracious reader, Jenny wrote fantasy stories from the age of 10. Her adult writing career was restricted to advertising copy until her 5th picture book, a maze book about a princess’s quest. Little Frog (2007) followed. In 2009 Jenny returned to her writing roots with Jatta, a darker fantasy. It explores the torment of a princess werewolf, who cannot control her bloodlust. The story includes black humor and a "multifarious plot that will have the reader engrossed to the very end," according to Reading Time.[3]

Children’s book reviews[edit]

Jenny has reviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum and regularly reviews for the Sun-Herald.[citation needed]

Published works[edit]

Young adult fantasy novel

Board books

  • Shoes (2008)
  • Boots (2008)
  • Slippers (2008)
  • Little Frog (2007)
  • Christmas Surprise (2007)

Princess Poppets series

  • Words (2006)
  • Numbers (2006)
  • Alphabet (2006)
  • Opposites (2006)
  • All in a Day (2006)
  • Around the World (2006)
  • The Nightingale Quest (A puzzle adventure 2004)

Picture flap book Series: Double Delights

  • Farm (2005)
  • Zoo (2005)
  • Nursery Songs (2003)
  • Bugs (2003)
  • Rainy Day (sticker activity book)
  • Nursery Rhymes (sticker activity book)
  • Animals (2002)
  • Nursery Rhymes (2002)


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