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Gravestone of Jens Lind and wife Gunild, placed at Viborg Cemetery
(Photo: Lars Schmidt).

Jens Wilhelm August Lind (1 March 1874 in Nykøbing Mors – 4 October 1939 in Viborg) was a Danish apothecary, botanist and mycologist. He was a pupil of Emil Rostrup and published a full account of all fungi collected in Denmark by Rostrup. These were mainly microfungi, such as plant pathogens.[1] He also wrote accounts on microfungi from Greenland and elsewhere, mainly based on collections made by other persons on expeditions, e.g. Gjøa expedition [2] and the Second Thule Expedition.[3] Combining his pharmaceutical and mycological knowledge, he was early in experimenting on chemical control of plant pathogens and recommending it to practitioners. He also - together with Knud Jessen - wrote an account on the immigration history of weeds to Denmark.[4]

Example of a species named by Lind: Triposporium myrti,[1] now known as Tripospermum myrti (Capnodiaceae).

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