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Jens Toller Rosenheim (born 1636 in Christiania, † 1690 in Dublin), was a Danish and Norwegian nobleman, jurist and official.[1]

Family and marriage[edit]

Jens Toller was the son of Niels Toller (1592-1642), who was Mayor of Christiania (now Oslo) and one of the leading merchants in the city. He attended the University of Copenhagen (1652) and the University of Leiden (1658). He married in 1666 Anne Hansdatter Lillienschiold (d. ca 1680), the daughter of Hans Hansen Lillienskiold (1610- 1681) who was the Mayor of Bergen.[2] [3] [4]

General history[edit]

Jens Toller became lawyer in 1666. He was in 1676 ennobled under the surname Rosenheim. In 1679 he became the judge of the Supreme Court. In 1676 he became a deputy in the Danish Chancellor. In 1677, he became a county governor in Lister and Mandal (now Vest-Agder) and also served as a stewart in the Kristiansand stiff in the absence of Ove Juel, the Governor-general of Norway. Rosenheim was a diplomat to England 1687-1688. Around 1689, he went to Ireland as Supreme Commissary of War for the Danish troops. The troops were later given to King Wilhelm III of Orange in order to fight the forces of the expelled king, James II. Rosenheim died during his commission in Ireland.[5]

Coat of arms[edit]

Description: A shield of four fields, whereof the upper dexter and the lower sinister on white background have two crossing green rose stilks with red flower, and the others on yellow background have a black human head with a white headband. The same head is the crest.

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