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Jeremy Lott[1]
Born October 1, 1978
Education Trinity Western University
Occupation Writer, editor

Jeremy Lott (born October 1, 1978) is an American writer, editor, and pundit. He briefly worked at the news website Rare[2] Previously, Lott was the editor of Real Clear Religion and associate editor of Real Clear Science.[3][4] Lott has written several books and articles, with his work appearing in well over 100 publications, including the National Post, Australian Financial Review, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Politico, and the American Prospect.

Lott has previously worked at the Cato Institute, Capital Research Center, American Spectator, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. And from 2006–2007 he was the Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow at CEI.[5] Although much of Lott's past employment has been associated with conservative and libertarian organizations, he publishes frequently in left-leaning The Guardian.

Lott holds a B.A. from Trinity Western University in religious studies and lives bicoastal between Lynden, Washington and Fairfax, Virginia.

Review of Define Conservatism[edit]

Lott gave young author Jonathan Krohn a critical review of his first book, Define Conservatism: For Past, Present, and Future Generations in 2009.

This reviewer wishes him good luck with that and hopes that he never, ever gets the itch to write another book. Define Conservatism is terrible. It's not simply that the book is riddled with typos (though it is) or that it's shallow and awkwardly phrased that annoys so. There's also anger at the parents for allowing this book to be published at all. One of the things that good parents ought to do is keep their charges from embarrassing themselves this badly.[6]

The following year at CPAC Krohn confronted Lott, "You're the guy who said I should never write another book!" and handed him an updated version of Define Conservatism.[7]



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