The Jerky Boys: The Movie

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The Jerky Boys: The Movie
Theatrical Release Poster
Directed by James Melkonian
Produced by Roger Birnbaum,
Joe Roth
Written by James Melkonian,
Rich Wilkes
John G. Brennan
Kamal Ahmed
Starring John G. Brennan
Kamal Ahmed
Alan Arkin
Music by Ira Newborn
Cinematography Ueli Steiger
Editing by Dennis M. Hill
Studio Touchstone Pictures
Caravan Pictures
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release dates February 3, 1995 (USA)
Running time 81 min.
Language English
Budget $8 million
Box office $7,555,256

The Jerky Boys: The Movie, also known as The Jerky Boys, is a 1995 comedy/crime film starring John G. Brennan and Kamal Ahmed, best known as the comedy duo The Jerky Boys.

The film features two men, Johnny B. and Kamal, aka "the Jerky Boys", two self-described "low-lifes from Queens", who get into trouble with the Mafia when one of their prank calls leads them into a money laundering business. The Jerky Boys discover that their long-loved hometown bar will be torn down unless they stop it.


Johnny and Kamal are taken into police custody and interrogated by two NYPD cops. They tell the cops about their lives. Johnny and Kamal were kids who made prank calls to Brett Weir's mother and gets him in trouble. The mother spanks Brett when the boys lied to her about her son stealing, cursing, and spitting. Mrs. B beats the boys for prank calling them. 20 years later, Mrs. B demands Johnny and Kamal to get a job, but the two keep on causing trouble and get fired from every job they had, including construction working and Burger Bob. Later, Brett Weir tells them that he has connections with the mob. The boys decided to prank the mob. They use the name of Frank Rizzo. They end up working with the mob. When the mob tell the Jerky Boys to kill their bartender at the long-loved hometown bar. This leads to them being on the run. They discover that the mob is paying off the police force, racketeering, murder, and other crimes.

The boys got the mob confessing their crimes on a tape recorder. They go to the press. The press brand Frank Rizzo as a hero while the boys got a job.


The main characters are:

  • Johnny — (Himself) one of the two prank callers.
  • Kamal — himself, one of the two prank callers.
  • Ernie Lazarro — (Alan Arkin) a powerful mob boss who the prank callers get tangled up with.
  • Tony Scarboni — (Vincent Pastore) Lazarro's right hand man.
  • Geno — (Brian Tarantina) Scarboni's bumbling underling.
  • Sonny — (Peter Appel) Scarboni's bumbling underling.
  • Robert Worzic — (Brad Sullivan) a detective who is trying to bring a fictional "Frank Rizzo" down
  • Brett Weir — (James Lorinz) Johnny's weaselly mob-connected neighbor. A victim to the Jerky Boys.
  • Mrs. B — (Suzanne Shepherd) Johnny's long-suffering mother.
  • Uncle Freddy - (William Hickey) Johnny's Neighbor, seemingly a harmless old kook but really an old-time mob boss
  • Mickey — (Alan North) Owns the bar Johnny B. and Kamal frequent.
  • Construction Foreman — (Joe Lisi) a construction worker, who fires Johnny and Kamal.
  • Burger Bob Customer — (Ron Ostrow) a customer ordering lunch at Burger Bob's drive through.
  • Band Manager — (Ozzy Osbourne) band manager for Helmet.
  • Henry Bogdan — (Himself) one of the four members of Helmet.
  • Rob Echeverria — (Himself) one of the four members of Helmet.
  • Page Hamilton — (Himself) one of the four members of Helmet.
  • John Stanier — (Himself) one of the four members of Helmet.

Production and delay of release[edit]

After the 1993 release of the first Jerky Boys album, Johnny B., Kamal, along with James Melkonian and Rich Wilkes, commenced writing a screenplay for a proposed Jerky Boys film for producers Joe Roth and Roger Birnbaum's production company Caravan Pictures. The film was shot between April and June 1994 in New York City, under the direction of James Melkonian. The project's distributor, Buena Vista, originally planned to release the film in 1994 but the release was delayed until after the release of the second Jerky Boys album. The film was released theatrically on February 3, 1995 by Buena Vista through its Touchstone Pictures label. The copyright date of this movie is 1994 and the same date appears on the disc and back cover of the soundtrack.

Home media[edit]

The Jerky Boys was initially released by Touchstone Pictures on VHS on March 5, 1996.[1]

A Widescreen Laserdisc was also released by Touchstone Pictures

The first (and only) release on DVD was in March 2004 in Europe and the United Kingdom.

"The Jerky Boys" movie became available for streaming via iTunes and Amazon, as of early 2012.


The film was featured with mostly negative reviews, receiving only a 10% from Rotten Tomatoes. It has become a big part of the Jerky Boys career, becoming somewhat of a cult following for Jerky Boys fans.

Box Office[edit]

The movie debuted at number 3.[2]


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