Jeronim Mileta

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Jeronim Mileta
Installed February 26, 1922
Term ended November 23, 1947
Predecessor Luca Pappafava
Successor Ćiril Banić
Personal details
Born April 17, 1871
Died November 23, 1947
Buried Church of St. Francis
Nationality Croatian

Jeronim Mileta (April 17, 1871 in Šibenik – November 23, 1947 in Šibenik) was a Roman Catholic friar who became the bishop of the Diocese of Šibenik in 1922. He served until his death in 1947.

After Mileta's death, the Diocese of Šibenik had no permanent bishop until 1961 due to tensions between the Catholic Church and communist-run Yugoslavia.

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