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Jerry Hicks is a British trade unionist.[1] He was the convenor of the Amicus union at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, and was dismissed in 2005.[2] An employment tribunal found that he had "probably been dismissed on trade union grounds".[3]


In 2009, he stood as General Secretary of Amicus, winning 40,000 votes to the Derek Simpson's 60,000.[4]

Hicks stood in the 2010 election for the general secretary of Unite the Union and made a number of election pledges, including that he would only take the wage of an average skilled worker. He came second with 52,527 votes, beating the two full-time assistant general secretaries who stood. He has in total run 3 times, unsuccessfully, for the leadership of Unite.

Hicks is a member of the Respect Party and of its National Council.[5] He was a candidate for election to Bristol Council in May 2009.[6][7]

Hicks wrote an article in support on Union Day of action including strike action by public sector workers principally on the issue of Government attack on public sector pensions[8]

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