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Jesse Evan Freidin
BornMay 27, 1981
Known forPhotography
Notable work
'The Doggie Gaga Project'
Awards2010 Beast of the Bay's Best Dog Photographer, Winner Best Dog Photographer in San Francisco 2010, 2011, 2012

Jesse Evan Freidin (born 1981, in Boston, MA) is a fine art dog photographer using traditional film-based processes. He is best known for creating a series of photos of dogs dressed in costumes like those worn by Lady Gaga. This 'Doggie Gaga Project' was an overnight international media sensation and was linked online on hundreds of sites including Entertainment Weekly, MTV, TMZ, and The Sundance Channel. The project was also featured on ABC’s Live! With Regis & Kelly. Freidin was awarded Beast of the Bay's Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area 2010 for his fine art pet portraiture. He is a supporter of the San Francisco Bay Area dog community, donating his time and resources to animal rescue groups and non-profits such as Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls (Bad Rap) and Rocket Dog Rescue, as well as various educational endeavors. He lives in San Francisco with his best friend, Pancake (a 4 year old Boston Terrier).

The Doggie Gaga Project[edit]

For his 'Doggie Gaga Project', in early 2010, Freidin dressed canine models in five of Lady Gaga’s most celebrated outfits, and photographed them using two packs of Polaroid film from the last remaining supply in the world. Within three days of posting the photos online, gossip columnist Perez Hilton found and tweeted them, setting off viral coverage on TV, radio, and websites worldwide. In 6 days, his website had 80,000 hits, and his work was being seen and discussed on 140 countries.

Freidin initially proposed his idea for The Doggie Gaga Project to the Netherlands-based Impossible Project, who had already taken on the impossible: to re-invent and restart production of analog integral film for vintage Polaroid Cameras. They graciously donated two packs of original Polaroid film from the last remaining stock in the world. Freidin then worked with a small team, creating custom-made, Lady Gaga-inspired canine fashions for a Mexican hairless, a Shibu Inu, two Pit Bulls, and his Boston Terrier, Pancake. Shooting in his San Francisco studio, he employed a Horseman field camera with a Polaroid back.


One of a dying breed of traditional photographers using film-based photo processes, Freidin creates black-and-white photographs entirely by hand primarily with a Hasselblad camera from the 1970s, using only natural light. With years of experience as a fine-art photographer and professional dog-handler, Freidin's approach to animal photography involves playful interaction with his subjects to capture their personalities. Freidin cites his influences as Elliot Erwitt, William Wegman, Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz.


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