Cementerio Israelita, La Paz

Coordinates: 34°45′08″S 56°13′44″W / 34.7523°S 56.2288°W / -34.7523; -56.2288
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Cementerio Israelita de La Paz
Established (1917-11-28) 28 November 1917 (age 105)
Country Uruguay
Coordinates34°45′08″S 56°13′44″W / 34.7523°S 56.2288°W / -34.7523; -56.2288
TypeJewish cemetery
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The Israelite Cemetery (Spanish: Cementerio Israelita de La Paz) is the only Jewish cemetery in Uruguay. It was established 28 November 1917.[1] There are sections dedicated to Jews of different origins: Sephardim, Hungarian, German, Ashkenazim, etc.[2]

In 2014, QR codes were being implemented for its tombstones, in order to enable web access to images and location data for every tomb there. It is claimed to be the first cemetery in the world to have introduced this innovation.[3]

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