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Jhimpir (Urdu: جھم پیر ‎) is a village in Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated 114 km away from Karachi. It is the site of Pakistan's first wind power project.[1] It is the only place in Pakistan where dolomite is found.

Jhimpir has a railway station and train service is available for Karachi and upcountry from here. Jhimpir geographical coordinates are 25° 1'0"North,68°1'0"East. The Jhimpir Wind Power Plant is a wind farm located at Jhimpir in Thatta District of Sindh province in Pakistan, 120 kilometres North-East of Karachi.[1] The project has been developed by Zorlu Energy Pakistan, a subsidiary of the Turkish firm Zorlu Enerji.[2] The total cost of project is $143 million.[2]