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Jiang Fangzhou (simplified Chinese: 蒋方舟; traditional Chinese: 蔣方舟; pinyin: Jiǎng Fāngzhōu; born October 27, 1989, in the city of Xiangyang, in Hubei province) is a Chinese infant prodigy author.[1][2] She is currently a student in Tsinghua University and the author of nine books,among which Unlatched the Window onto the Paradise( <<打开天窗>>) is her prose works published when she was 9 and was later adapted for a comic book;and We are Growing (《正在发育》)is her first novel published in September,2001 and in November its traditional Chinese edition appeared in Taiwan;andPreadolescence(<<青春前期>>)in May,2002;Look over Here!(《都往我这儿看》)in October,2002;I am an Animal( 《我是动物》)a long fairy tale in October, 2003, was later adapted for a stage play;The True Story of the Mischievous Child(<<邪童正史>>), a column, began to appear both in Beijing News and South China Metropolis Daily in November, 2003, was formally published in October,2004;The Rainbow Rider(<<骑彩虹者>>)in July,2006;Number One Schoolgirl( 《第一女生》)in July,2007;and Features of Rumors( 《谣言的特点》)in January,2009.


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