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James Francis (Jim) Pembroke (born 27 January 1946) is the vocalist of the Finnish progressive rock band Wigwam.[1] A British expatriate, Pembroke had played with London group Taverners' Guild before arriving in Finland in 1965. He immediately found himself in some demand, gigging on an ad hoc basis with various lineups (e.g. the Beatmakers, later renamed Jormas), until forming The Pems. He joined Blues Section in 1967, recording a blues-jazz-pop fusion album now considered seminal in Finnish rock. After the band folded Pembroke taught himself piano, then joined Wigwam in early 1969. He has remained their frontman and principal songwriter, while also releasing occasional solo records. In 2013, Pembroke was granted an artist's pension by the Finnish state.[2]

Solo discography[edit]

  • Wicked Ivory (under the pseudonym "Hot Thumbs O'Riley"), Love Records 1972
  • Pigworm, Love Records 1974
  • Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function, Love Records 1977
  • Flat Broke (as the "Jim Pembroke Band"), Ponsi 1980
  • Party Upstairs, Johanna 1981
  • If the Rain Comes, TUM Records 2014


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