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Jim Richard Wilson
Born United States
Died July 13, 2014 (aged 61)
Albany, New York, U.S.
Occupation Artist, history lecturer, gallery director

Jim Richard Wilson (1952 or 1953 – July 13, 2014) was director emeritus of the Opalka Gallery. He served as gallery director and art history lecturer for The Sage Colleges for over 20 years (1992–2013).[1] Previously, he was with the State University of New York as assistant director of University-wide Programs in the Arts (1989–1992).[2] He has been consultant to and lectured for numerous arts organizations[3][4] and museums and was Director of the Peter S. Loonam Gallery[5] in Bridgehampton, New York for ten years (1976–1986) prior to relocating to the Capital District of New York State. Wilson has been curating shows and writing on art since 1975. He has earned and maintained a reputation for mounting museum quality shows.[6][7]

Wilson was an artist whose art work has appeared in more than a hundred exhibitions nationwide, including over a dozen solo and small group (2–4 artists) shows. His work is in numerous collections including: The State University at Stony Brook, PepsiCo, International Specialties Inc., Mariposa Luminosa, and ArtPool, Budapest.[8]

The most recent article discussing Wilson's exhibition history appeared on April 20, 2014, in the Sunday edition of the Daily Gazette.[9] He died of cancer on July 13, 2014.[10]


Wilson is best known for his work on post World War II American Art and Jewish history.[2][11] Among the exhibitions for which he has been responsible are:

Published writing[edit]

Among his writings on art and culture are:

  • Dona Ann McAdams: Some Women[citation needed]
  • George Hofmann: Inner Life Articulated[23]
  • Cool Katz, Chronogram[24] (Delmar, New York) July 2007 issue
  • New York School: Another View[25]
  • Frank Wimberly: Wimberley's Mode[26][27]
  • Bridging the Gaps; The Nature and Responsibility of Visual Arts Writing[28]
  • A Place by the Sea: Major African-American Artists from the East End[29]
  • "Cuneiform Currency" (included in Toward A Second Dimension: A Sociology Reader, ed. McGuire & Purtusati, Kendal/Hunt Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa, 1998).[30]
  • Willie Marlowe: A Survey 1977 – 2010[31]

Jim Richard Wilson's knowledge has been noted and appreciated by fellow arts professionals outside of the above journals.[32][33]


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