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Jimmy Zoppi
Born James Carter Cathcart
(1954-03-08) March 8, 1954 (age 61)[citation needed]
West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
Other names Billy Beach
Carter Cathcart
Nicole Cathcart
John Dorsey
Burton Halli
Rascal Flatts
Slappy Wong
Occupation Voice Actor
Children Carter James Cathcart, Mackenzie Lynn Cathcart, Salvatore Carmichael Cathcart, Tyler Durden

James Carter Cathcart (born March 8, 1954[citation needed], in West Long Branch, New Jersey), often credited as Carter Cathcart or Jimmy Zoppi, is an American pianist, vocalist, and voice-over artist. He has been playing with bands since high school and has been the vocalist of the Carter Cathcart Band since 1981. Zoppi's first voiceover part was O.G. Readmore on the ABC Weekend Special. After that, he recorded voice overs for Kit Kat candy bars, Good Humor, Coors Light, and others. Jimmy Zoppi later auditioned and got several roles in the then-unknown Pokémon series and has since become known for a prolific amount of anime dub voice work for Central Park Media, Media Blasters, DuArt Film and Video, TAJ Productions, NYAV Post and once had multiple roles in many shows from 4Kids Entertainment. This included the role of Vector in Sonic X and Shadow the Hedgehog (utilizing a substantially different voice after his initial appearance in Sonic X, as well as being credited under a different name, led to being confused for a new actor; he was later actually replaced by Dan Green in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Sonic Rivals 2.) After continuing on with TAJ's dub of Pokémon, he has not yet had another role in any 4Kids productions.


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