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Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd (Chinese: 济南轻骑摩托车股份有限公司) is a Chinese manufacturer of mopeds, quadbikes and other small engined & electric motorcycles that was founded in 1956. The company headquarters is located in Jinan, Shandong Province. Qingqi is probably the best known moped brand in modern China and the company is one of the larger manufacturers of small engine motorcycles in the world, but is almost completely unknown outside its domestic market, it is however a large original equipment manufacturer provider to companies such as Cycle Union,[1] Suzuki and Peugeot.[2] In the case of the latter two companies that has eventually lead to the formation of joint ventures including JQ/Suzuki venture called Plum Qingqi Motors company that is based in Pakistan and also trades using the Qingqi trademark.

As of October 2010 Jinan Qingqi is ranked as China's 20th biggest motorcycle manufacturer (by volume output) with a total output of 612,993 for the 2009 year. A decline of 5.68% from the previous year.

Qingqi serve markets globally and have made large investments in several emerging markets like Africa.


Sinnis Motorcycles began operating in June 2006 and have grown steadily in the UK market with dealerships throughout the United Kingdom. Sinnis have the following models in the range:

  • Sinnis Apache 125 - Supermoto - Ridden from Goodwood, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2011 during the Mongol Rally. (1st in class to finish)
  • Sinnis Max II 125 - Commuter (II edition replaced model in 2010)
  • Sinnis Blade 125 - Trail Bike - Returns to Market 2014.
  • Sinnis Trackstar 125 - Retro style - Co developed by Sinnis Motorcycles 2009 - Which bike Number one and 4 star MCN.[citation needed]
  • Sinnis Matrix II 125 - Shared with Peugeot as Sum up 125.
  • Sinnis Eagle 50 - Sports Scooter - Discontinued 2012.
  • Sinnis Eagle 125 - Sports Scooter.
  • Sinnis Eco City 125 - Commuter Scooter with twin disc brakes (returns to market in 2014). (Discontinued 2014)
  • Sinnis Hawk 50 - Sports Scooter - Discontinued.
  • Sinnis Falcon 50 - 50 cc four stroke commuter scooter.
  • Sinnis Sublime 125 - classic design 125cc scooter - Discontinued.
  • Sinnis Jet 50 - Also known as the Peugeot V Clic (Discontinued 2011).
  • Sinnis Stealth 125 -Tourer/Commuter.
  • Sinnis Retrostar 125 - Retro commuter.
  • Sinnis Cafe 125 - Cafe Racer. Ridden through 7 countries in 7 days for Riders for Health Charity 2015 by Look Ash Lan (Sinnis Parts Dept)
  • Sinnis ST 125 - Commuter. (Discontinued 214)
  • Sinnis SC 125 - Cruiser styled commuter.
  • Sinnis Spirit 125 - Retro scooter.
  • Sinnis Harrier 125 - Sports scooter.
  • Sinnis Flair 50 - Moped (Replaced the Jet 50).
  • Sinnis Strada 50/125 - Retro scooter. (Discontinued 2015)
  • Sinnis Heist 125/250 - Hardtail Bobber, arrivds QTR 1 2014.
  • Sinnis Apache 250 FI - QTR 1 2014 - 250 fuel injected, Oil cooled Supermoto.
  • Sinnis Shuttle 125cc Scooter
  • Sinnis Retrostar 125cc Motorcycle Retro
  • Sinnis Retrostar 250cc Retro
  • Sinnis SP125 commuter Ridden through 7 countries in 7 days for Riders for Health Charity 2015 by Mike Garrod (Sinnis Operations Director)
  • Sinnis Heist 125 and 250cc custom bobber
  • Sinnis Phoenix 50cc 2 stroke scooter
  • Sinnis RS125 Street bike - National Road Rally gold winners 2016 in the Daylight 10hour challenge. Ridden by Thomas Rimell (Sinnis Account Manager) and Mike Garrod (Sinnis Operations Director)

2017 Range featuring Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and unified braking. To comply with Euro 4 emission and safety laws: Sinnis Terrain EFI Adventure Bike - Manufactured in same production plant as Harley Davidson, Norton and BMW Motorrad Sinnis RSX EFI Street bike- Manufactured in same production plant as Harley Davidson, Norton and BMW Motorrad Sinnis Hoodlum EFI Cruiser- Manufactured in same production plant as Harley Davidson, Norton and BMW Motorrad Sinnis Apache 2017 SM Edition Supermoto Sinnis Apache 2017 SMR Edition Supermoto Sinnis Zen 125cc Retro Scooter EFI Sinnis Shuttle 125cc EFI Scooter Sinnis Harrier 125 cc EFI Scooter Sinnis Prime 50cc Sport Scooter Sinnis Street 50cc Scooter Sinnis Encanto Retro 50cc Scooter Sinnis Hero EFI 125cc Scooter Sinnis RTX EFI 125cc Scooter Sinnis Duel EFI 125cc Motorcycle

Sinnis Heist is produced in conjunction with Cleveland Cycle Works in Ohio and is a cutting edge 125 and 250cc custom style bobber motorcycle.

Sinnis Motorcycles share two models with Peugeot Motor Co. the first model is the Jet, known as the Peugeot V Clic (Discontinued 2011) and the second the Matrix II also known as the Peugeot Sum up 125. (Discontinued by Peugeot 2011). Sinnis marketing manager (Anthony Jackson) co-developed the Trackstar model in 2009 for the UK, making way for the Retrostar and Cafe 125 variants in 2011. The first series of the Retrostar was distributed by a smaller UK distributor(Zing Bikes)under the pseudonym 'HMC' known as the 'Classic' to test the market in 2011. Sinnis launched their own badged version in 2013 known as the 'Retrostar' and 'Cafe'.

The Apache 250 version began development in 2010 and after 4 years of development is planned to enter the UK market from March 2014. This model uses the oil cooled Suzuki GN based 250cc with Siemens technology fuel injection and many features above the 125cc version built by Jinan Qingqi.

In 2017 Sinnis Motorcycles have released their EFI, Euro 4 models to the market which includes the Sinnis Terrain 125cc Adventure bike, and SMR Apache with new trellis design frame etc. The SMR was co developed by Michael Garrod at Sinnis motorcycles and Jinan Qingqi in China. It still features the Original engine (Suzuki) from the earlier Apache, with the addition of fuel injection, and a newly designed frame, fuel tank, clock, seat and features twin underseat exhaust. Garrod also designed the Sinnis Encanto 50cc Scooter for Sinnis and the Terrain. Sinnis won the coveted Motorcycle Dealer of the Year Merit Award in 2017, at the British Dealer News Trade show. Voted for by over 1000 UK motorcycle dealers.


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