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Jing Chang
Jing Chang@Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011.JPG
Chang at Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011
Background information
Chinese name 張芸京
Pinyin Zhāng Yúnjīng (Mandarin)
Birth name 張芸菁 (same pronunciation, different character)
Origin Republic of China, (Taiwan)
Born (1983-09-06) 6 September 1983 (age 33)
Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
Other name(s) 阿京, Ah Jing
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Genre(s) Rock
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar, piano, drums, Yueqin
Voice type(s) Contralto, Falsetto
Label(s) Gold Typhoon
Years active 2007–present
Website Gold Typhoon homepage

Jing Chang (Chinese: 張芸京; pinyin: Zhāng Yúnjīng) is a Taiwanese singer.

Early life[edit]

Chang was born in Taipei, Taiwan on 6 September 1983. Her birth name is pronounced the same, but written with different characters (張芸菁). She studied graphic design and graduated from Song Shan High School of Commerce.[citation needed] Before entering Super Idol, she was a graphic design artist.[1] She is familiar with many instruments such as guitar, drums, and yueqin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument).[2]

Chang has been noted for her androgynous style and looks.[1] She states that she has not had long hair since preschool. She is also known for her deep voice, quite similar to that of Shirley Owens, who was the lead singer of The Shirelles, and with likes of English pop singer, Dusty Springfield: not only can she handle deep, low notes but she is also able to hit very high notes. She has always been interested in music, and even created her own band called Pensauce (筆醬).[citation needed]


Chang made her debut in 2007 as a singer after winning the first season of Taiwanese singing competition Super Idol (超級偶像)[3] and signed to label Gold Typhoon.[4]

In 2008, Chang and her band, Pensauce, released their first EP titled "The Power of Rain" (雨的力量).[5] Later that year, Chang and other top 10 Super Idol performers participated in an album called "Dreams Come True".

Chang released her first album Unprecedented (破天荒) on May 8, 2009; in its first week, it started at #3 on local music charts, but then rose to #1.[1] Her album grew popular very quickly resulting in her rise to fame. The album was so successful that a limited edition was made, this album not only included her 10 songs but also included 3 music videos and a thank you card written by Chang.[citation needed] She also participated in a group song with various artists on the 10th anniversary of the 921 earthquake called "Let love turn the whole universe" (讓愛轉動整個宇宙).[6]

In March 2010, Chang and Kevin Lin, one of the judges of Super Idol, sang a duet called "When Did We Start to Forget" (怎麼開始忘了).[7] In July 2010, she released her second studio album The Opposite Me (相反的我), of which the title track "相反的我" was composed by Chang. It and "愛情選項" are listed at number 13 and 32 respectively on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2010.[8]

Chang and members of the Taiwanese boy band Lollipop (棒棒堂) collaborated and released a single, "義氣", which she also composed herself. That song consists of rapping and hitting quite a number of high notes. In the music video, she had to dance, which she has never done before, and also known as one of her few weaknesses.

In 2011, Chang released a new EP for the Valentine's Day. It contains Jing's latest single, the love song "Lovers Knot" as well as two extra tracks. It was released with an organizer for February 2011-January 2012, featuring hand-drawn illustrations and photos of Chang.


Studio albums
# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Unprecedented 破天荒 8 May 2009 Gold Typhoon
2nd The Opposite Me 相反的我 9 July 2010 Gold Typhoon
3rd Little Girl 小女孩 22 September 2012 Gold Typhoon
Extended Play (EP)
# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Our Valentine 我要我們情人結 14 February 2011 Gold Typhoon


In 2009, Chang traveled to Japan and wrote a book called 一個人的東京,張芸京361°. The book included her journey in Japan and articles and stories written by her, including anecdotes such as a 3-year-old boy proposing marriage to her.[9] To be released on February 19, 2011 is her new book Crash Amadeus 衝撞.阿瑪迪斯.


Hong Kong TVB8 Awards
Year Category Nomination Result Ref
2009 Best New Artist (Gold) Jing Chang Won
2010 Top 10 Gold Songs "壞了" (Broken) from The Opposite Me Won [10]
Most Popular Female Artist (China) Jing Chang Won
Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards
Year Category Nomination Result Ref
2009 Outstanding Newcomer (新勢力歌手) Jing Chang Won [11][12]
Best Improved Singer (力躍進歌手) Jing Chang Won
2010 Songs of the Year "怎麽開始忘了" (How to Forget) with Kevin Lin (林隆璇) Won [13]
Songs of the Year "讓我照顧你" (Let Me Look After You) Won
Excellent Performance Award (優秀演繹獎) Jing Chang Won
Metro Radio Hits Awards
Year Category Nomination Result Ref
2009 Mandarin Hit Songs "黑裙子" (Black Dress) Won [14]
Most Popular Newcomer (by popular vote) Jing Chang Won
2010 Hit Albums The Opposite Me (相反的我) Won [15]
Mandarin Singer Jing Chang Won


  • 2008 - Champion of Super Idol 1st Season
  • 2008 - Yahoo! Taiwan Most Searched Keyword Chart #8

20090524 Jing Chang's album [Unprecedented] tops 8 charts

  • #1 on G-Music Mandarin Chart
  • #1 on G-Music Combo Chart
  • #1 on Five Music Record Sales Chart (2 charts in all)
  • #1 on Enome Top Ringtones Chart
  • #1 on KKBOX MV Charts
  • #1 on Channel [V] Music Charts
  • #1 on Enome Music Channel
  • #1 on Yahoo! Search (8 #1's in a row after 2 weeks album release)

2009 Chengdu Music Hits

  • Newcomer with Most Potential
  • Most Popular Artist Online

20091106 Singapore HIT Awards

  • Outstanding Newcomer Award

2009 TPBS’ China Original Melodies Awards

  • Taiwan/HK Outstanding Newcomer Gold Award

2009 Yahoo! Taiwan Asia Buzz Awards

  • Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Best Female Singer

2010 MY Astro Music Awards (Malaysia)

  • Newcomer with Most Potential

2010 KKBOX Awards Ceremony

  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Top 100 Songs of the Year
  • #35 - Pian Ai/Preference
  • #50 - Black Dress
  • Top 100 Albums of the Year
  • #20 Unprecedented

Baidu Hot Point 2009 Awards Ceremony

  • "Pian Ai"/Preference #7 Top 10 Golden Melodies

2010 TTV's Red vs. White Superstar Showdown

  • Cpop Top 10 Artists Award

Canada's Fairchild Radio HiT Cpop Chart

  • Best Female Newcomer (Mandarin)

Sprite Awards

  • Best Newcomer (Taiwan/HK)
  • Most Popular TV Drama Golden Melody

Guangzhou Peng Peng Music Awards 2009

  • Best Newcomer/Songwriter
  • Best Newcomer (Taiwan/HK)


  • Best International singer
  • Best manderin song(壞了)


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