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Jing Gong (Formerly Golden Bow)
ProductsAirsoft guns and rail transport modelling

Jing Gong, also known as JG or GB (Golden Bow) (Chinese: 金弓), is a Hong kong based airsoft manufacturer. JG is the OEM of several Echo 1 guns and was also OEM for J.G.Works.[1]


Jing Gong manufactures low to mid-priced airsoft guns.

In 2008, Jing Gong released new AEGs that shoot well over 350 ft/s (110 m/s) with factory stock internals.[2][3][4] Their lineup of AEGs are based on "clone" designs of higher-end brands, many taken from Tokyo Marui. Jing Gong makes many affordable yet high-performing AEGs. The company's range of AEGs include AR-15 rifles, MP5 submachine guns, G36 rifles,[5] G3 rifles, AK rifles, AUG rifles[6] and the company's best selling model, the FN P90.

In addition to AEGs, JG has released their first gas blowback, a Glock 18C, which is a clone of the KSC Glock 18C.[7] This has, however, been disputed, as it is speculated that production of the G18c was outsourced to another Chinese airsoft manufacture. This has also been the case with their plastic-bodied M4 GBB model.

On December 14, 2011. Jing Gong announced a new line of M4/M16 styled products. This announcement was followed shortly by an announcement regarding counterfeit JG products.

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