João Varela, Cape Verde

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For the Portuguese philanthropist that lived during the 16th century, see João Varela, no relation to the place name

João Varela, Cape Verde
João Varela, Cape Verde is located in Cape Verde
João Varela, Cape Verde
Coordinates: 14°57′25″N 23°34′59″W / 14.957°N 23.583°W / 14.957; -23.583Coordinates: 14°57′25″N 23°34′59″W / 14.957°N 23.583°W / 14.957; -23.583
Country Cape Verde
Island Santiago
Municipality Ribeira Grande de Santiago
Civil parish Santíssimo Nome de Jesus
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 394

João Varela is a settlement in the southern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. It is situated 5 km northeast of Cidade Velha and 9 km northwest of the capital Praia. It is part of the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santiago.

The town is connected by a road through the settlement of Trindade in Praia, a few kilometers to the east is the Praia Circular Road (EN1-ST06). Northeast of the settlement center is the municipal boundary with Praia.


João Varela is included in the football (soccer) club area of AD Ribeira Grande de Santiago, based in the municipal seat of Cidade Velha.


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