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Joakim Lindengren.

Joakim Lindengren (born March 28, 1962) is a Swedish artist and comic creator. Joakim studied fine arts at Västerås Konstskola (Art School), and at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), Stockholm, Sweden. He made his comic album debut in the early 1980s, and soon became a cult favorite in Sweden due to his crude style and burlesque humor (often making jokes about Swedish celebrities and various bodily fluids). He has been published in magazines such as Galago, Pyton and Mega-Pyton and has created more than a dozen comic albums on his own during the last twenty years. With his friend and colleague David Nessle, Lindengren has also collaborated on the adolescent humor comic John Holmes & Sherlock Watson.

In later years, Lindengren's humor has become somewhat less adolescent, as he has created the superhero parody Kapten Stofil (Captain Fogy, although translated as Captain Geezer in the comic) about an old grumpy hero whose sole "power" is 1950s and 60s nostalgia, usually drawn in a deliberate Silver Age pastiche. The hero had its own comic book in Sweden. Kapten Stofil's alter ego is Joakim himself, who is a huge nostalgia buff in real life, preferring old designs, cars, clothes, gas stations, etc.

Joakim Lindengren was also a co-founder of Svenska Småbil- och Rusdrycksförbundet, a club devoted to toy cars and alcohol.

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