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Joan Massià i Prats (Barcelona, 14 February 1890 - 11 June 1969) was a Catalan composer and violinist.

His first wife was the pianist and student of d'Indy, Blanche Selva (1884-1942), with whom Massià recorded the Franck violin sonata and other works.[1] After her death he remarried; his second wife was the Spanish pianist María Carbonell (1911-1988).[2] His students included the violinist Gonçal Comellas.[3]

Selected discography as violinist[edit]

  • Franck violin sonata - with his first wife, Blanche Selva

Own compositions, editions and recordings[edit]


  • Set Cançons - Songs. Carmen Bustamante accompanied by Manuel García Morante and José Carreras accompanied by David Giménez (piano). With historical recordings by pianist María Carbonell. La Ma De Guido.


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