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Joan Merrill (January 2, 1918, Baltimore, Maryland–May 10, 1992 New York, New York) was a popular singer and actress.[1] She began her career in the 1930s on radio and later sang at nightclubs across the United States, including at the Copacabana in New York City, the Thunderbird in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Rio Cabana in Chicago. In addition to live performances she starred in the 1941 musical film Time Out for Rhythm and, in 1942, had roles in Iceland and The Mayor of 44th Street. As was popular at the time, her songs were patriotic and inspired by support for World War II.[citation needed]

Songs Performed in Movies[edit]

Time Out for Rhythm (1941):

  • Obviously the Gentleman Prefers to Dance

Iceland (1942):

  • You Can't Say No To A Soldier
  • I Like a Military Tune
  • There Will Never Be Another You (most popular of her recordings)


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