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Job Submission Description Language is an extensible XML specification from the Global Grid Forum for the description of simple tasks to non-interactive computer execution systems. Currently at version 1.0 (released November 7, 2005), the specification focuses on the description of computational task submissions to traditional high-performance computer systems like batch schedulers.


JSDL describes the submission aspects of a job, and does not attempt to describe the state of running or historic jobs. Instead, JSDL includes descriptions of:

  • Job name, description
  • Resource requirements that computers must have to be eligible for scheduling, such as total RAM available, total swap available, CPU clock speed, number of CPUs, Operating System, etc.
  • Execution limits, such as the maximum amount of CPU time, wallclock time, or memory that can be consumed.
  • File staging, or the transferring of files before or after execution.
  • Command to execute, including its command-line arguments, environment variables to define, stdin/stdout/stderr redirection, etc.

Software support[edit]

The following software is known to currently support JSDL:

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